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This is not a book about teaching. It is about the limits and complexities of even our most benevolent urges--what we can give to others and how we lose ourselves.
Jesse Smoke has it all. One problem though. She's a woman, who plays, better than any man, a man's sport.
"An entertaining old-school western [in] the reluctant-hero tradition of Charles Portis (True Grit)." The New York Times Book Review, Editor's Choice'
A brilliant exploration of human darkness, delusion, and desire for redemption.
--Beth Henley, author of Crimes of the Heart
An experience so intimate... that it almost blinds you with love.
--O- The Oprah Magazine
A beautiful and aching novel, alarming in its wisdom and treatment of one of the great terrors, loneliness, and one of the great mercies, forgiveness.
--Rick Bass
"Sometimes harrowing, sometimes funny, often luminously beautiful and always profoundly imaginative and moving..."

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The White Rooster and other stories

Bausch's strong, beautiful, moving stories, 10 of which appear in this collection, are testaments to the human capacity to feel and connect in an emotionally alienating world. In ``Stag Party,'' a grief-stricken 23-year-old mathematician, floundering after his mother's death, clumsily attempts to rescue a terrfied, naked stripper who is assaulted by beer-soaked veterans at a stag party. In ``The Hairpiece,'' spiked with wry and bizarre, yet touching, humor, a widow reaches out to the surly stepson who despises her--by giving him her deceased husband's toupee, woven of his own hair. Humans' relationships with animals are central to several tales, including the title story, in which a sick, stray rooster's sudden appearance in the yard of a selfish, retired carpenter triggers the man's confrontation with his estranged son and new daughter-in-law. In ``Cougar,'' an allegory on the hazards of starving the creative subconscious, a stockbroker/​poet, his nerves shattered, takes a solo vacation in the Ontario woods; there, he spies a cougar (or thinks he does) and indulges in a thoughtless lie about his wife that nearly costs him his marriage. Also included are topical, timely stories, one about a wife who undergoes artificial insemination against her husband's wishes (``One Thing in Life''), and another about an ex-cop who teams with a mailman to burglarize houses in hopes of arousing their suburban neighborhood to form an anti-crime squad (``Vigilance''). These wonderfully clearsighted, uncompromising tales (none of which has been collected previously) ring true and provide unalloyed pleasure.
--Publisher's Weekly

Daughter Sara (Photo by Tim Bausch)

Daughter Jules (Julianna David)

Daughter Suzanne & Grandson Nathan